Flexible learning environment

Many classrooms are designed for a transmission pedagogy that no longer match today’s requirements for teaching. Focusscreens are an aid to individualize teaching practices¬†because they give teachers the opportunity to provide learners with a space of their own. Use one or more Focusscreens to give the student or a group of students a room in the classroom.

Focusscreens are useful for:

  • schools with no, or limited, study rooms
  • classrooms that lack collaboration areas
  • individualized teaching methods which require that students stay in the classroom

Helps pupils with concentration behavioral disorders

A beneficial classroom environment is important for pupils. It is of particular importance for those with concentration behavioural disorders. Learners focus better when external disturbances are reduced. Teachers can quickly build different types of screens to remove distracting visual stimuli for the pupil and reinforce the¬†pupil’s ability to concentrate on their work.


The screens are really good and they are appreciated by both pupils and teachers. They are used in test writing and to help pupils concentrate on their own work.

Simon Jonsson

Teacher, Byleskolan