About Focusscreen

A Focusscreen is a foldable plastic screen that helps students concentrate on their own work. It is an excellent complement to classrooms and teaching that strives for an adaptable learning environment. Focusscreens are also useful for tests where students sit close together and there is an imminent risk of cheating by glancing.

A wise investment

Several Focusscreens can quickly be folded and wrapped up into one small, lightweight package. This makes them easy to store and easy to bring to different classrooms. Students or teachers can easily combine more screens to shield larger areas. Additionally, Focusscreens are stable and the durable material makes them last a lifetime. They will most probably never wear out

About us

It all started a few years ago at that time of year when the National tests were to be carried through. Teachers at our school had for some time discussed ways to reduce the risk of pupils cheating. Since our school lacked a test hall, we could not guarantee that our students did not glance at other students’s tests. Trying to move desks and chairs cost valuable time and was far from watertight as a method to reduce glance cheating. We started to search for a suitable screen that would shield off the test writers from each other. We found nothing that would suit our needs.

Instead, we created a class set of foldable screens made out of cardboard and had different teachers try them. It quickly turned out that not only did the teachers appreciate the screens, also pupils said the screens strengthen their focus and it helped them perform better on tests.

However, cutting and folding cardboard takes time. Also, cardboard is not a durable material. Therefore, we decided to professionalize the Focusscreen. Building on our own experience, we want to provide teachers and students with a high-quality product that contributes to learning and strengthens test writing certainty.