No copied answers

Both teachers and pupils feel better knowing that no test answers are copied. Use Focusscreens to shield a selected part of the pupils’ field of vision. Learners will better focus on their own tests and are also strengthened by the knowledge that no one can copy their answers. It is also easy for the teacher to adjust the placement of the screen to see how pupils are working, and to ensure that they¬†are not using prohibited aids.

Easy to prevent cheating

For teachers, it is difficult to prevent pupils from glancing at other’s tests when:

  • the classroom space is limited
  • the school has no test hall
  • it is not possible or there is no the time to make several versions of a test
  • it is not possible or there is no time to rearrange desks and chairs

A class set of Focusscreens weighs less than 7 lbs. They are easy to set up and they strengthen test certainty as the screens prevent pupils from glancing at answers from classmates.

The screens are really good and they are appreciated by both pupils and teachers. They are used in test writing and to help pupils concentrate on their own work.

Thomas Karlsson

Teacher, Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium